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PINK "ME" Financial Assistance Application FAQs
(Effective 01/10/2022)

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Once we receive your application and all criteria has been met, we will send you an email to explain our process, and give you a timeline for how long it should take to hear back from us. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to receive financial assistance, please email 

Frequently asked questions


Can I email and/or fax my application to you?

All applications MUST be mailed to us at:

7820 Enchanted Hills Blvd STE A 252

 Rio Rancho, NM 87144

We do not accept applications via email and/or fax.


My bills are paid automatically through my bank.

Can I just show you my bank account with the deducted amounts highlighted?

No. If our Applications' Committee decides to fund a bill for you, we will write a check to each individual creditor, so we must receive copies of bills with your name, or the name of a listed household member, your current address which matches the address on your application, the account number, the amount due, and the complete mailing address to mail the payment to. If ALL of this information is not included on the bill, we cannot pay it.


If I send in my application when I am at the end of my treatment, will I be funded? 

Patients must be in active treatment. So, if you are out of treatment, we cannot approve your application, even if you were in treatment when we received your application.


Can I call to talk to someone regarding my application?

For tracking and accuracy, we only correspond through email. We cannot discuss anything regarding your application over the phone or via text message. 



I have received funding already. Can I apply again?

PINK "ME" Financial Assistance is generally a one-time only assistance program, but if you have been re-diagnosed, or have a recurrence, we may be able to help. Email


I have been using my credit cards to pay my bills. Do you pay credit card bills?

No. PINK "ME" does not pay any credit card bills. Or do we pay any personal unsecured loans or student loans.

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