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Would you like a friendly email reminder when it's time to get your mammogram?
Do you need financial assistance for the Mammorgam in-Memory Program? Payments are made directly to healthcare entity only (up to $250). For additional questions, please email:


In partnership with Xray Associates of New Mexico our goal is to encourage women to schedule and fulfill their annual mammogram screenings. For those needing financial assistance, PINK “ME” will sponsor and cover the cost for 10 women for their 3D Mammogram Screenings. The average cost of 3D Mammograms are regularly $664.00 and for self-pay, at-time of service is a 50% discount of $332.00. 

For those experiencing financial hardship, PINK "ME" will provide financial assistance to ten women with their mammogram appointments for 2022 (up to $250). Payments are paid directly to healthcare entity.


Early detection saves lives and partnering with Xray Associates of New Mexico will help create a pathway towards fulfilling our mission, as their mission is to provide patient quality imaging with exceptional customer service through a diverse setting. This partnership will help support those in the community with additional resource options, and financial support, which significantly impacts the toll on those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.


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